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Kennesaw pet sitter, Kate

Kate Foster,
Owner of Fur Babies & More Pet Sitting

Kate Foster’s love of animals extends not just to pets but to the natural world. She’s always had pets of her own and is passionate about learning everything there is to know about their behavior and care. When she was 9 her neighbors began asking her to care for their pets, but she never imagined that someday it would become her full-time profession.

She worked at Petsmart for 3 years in the Pet Care department and transitioned into a sales position with the Blue Buffalo Pet Food company in 2014. It was while working for Blue Buffalo that she met a pet sitter who hired her part time as a contractor for her own company.

After 2 years of working as a pet sitting contractor, she was encouraged by her mentor to start Fur Babies and More Pet Sitting. Kate continues to love running her own business and takes pride in providing quality pet care to her clients.

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